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cbd dui

Can You Get a CBD DUI in Arizona?

Can You Get a CBD DUI in Arizona? Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is all the rage these days.  Derived from marijuana and hemp, CBD really does have the potential to reduce pain and improve health and wellness.  Unfortunately, CBD is a lightning rod for controversy as marijuana is still illegal on the federal […]
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arizona grandparent visitation rights

Arizona Grandparent Visitation Rights

Arizona Grandparent Visitation Rights Divorce affects all members of the family. Grandparents often have concerns about their ability to continue having a relationship with grand-kids following the separation of the parents. In Arizona grandparent visitation rights are made possible and here’s the procedure that will have to be followed. Arizona Grandparent Visitation Laws Arizona Revised […]
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effect of adultery on arizona divorce

The Effect of Adultery on Arizona Divorce

The Effect of Adultery on Arizona Divorce Infidelity does happen in a marriage and it can have a serious effect on an eventual upcoming divorce. Whether you’ve been unfaithful or your partner has been guilty of infidelity, understanding the law will be crucial during a lengthy and often painful divorce process. So, is there any effect […]
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criminal trespass in arizona

Criminal Trespass in Arizona

Criminal Trespass in Arizona Some people believe that the lack of clear property boundary designation makes it impossible to commit criminal trespass. This isn’t the case. Criminal trespass in Arizona is classified in three different categories. Each one has a specific sanction that is based on the severity of the violation. Criminal Trespass Regulations in […]
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